5-day horseback ride in the footsteps of D'Artagnan

Horse riding


Horseback riding


The Brionnais in Burgundy


5 days of hiking / 4 nights


Medium - Confirmed


Bed and breakfast and gite


From 1 to 10 people

From 699 / Person


D'ARTAGNAN, warrior and womanizer in the service of the king, it is in Saône et Loire that he found his only legitimate wife native of Champlecy, she spent her pregnancy at the castle of La Clayette. This horseback ride is part of the European route of D' ARTAGNAN. We will gallop in the footsteps of this king's waiter during five days.

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Day 1
  • From Saint laurent en Brionnais to Nochize :

    Meet at 9:00 am for the presentation of the participants, the allocation of horses with a few words on each. The horses will normally be ready so that there is a time of exchanges then the departure will be done towards 10 am. The first village to be crossed will be Saint Christophe en Brionnais, cradle of the Charolais breed of cows that you will see here everywhere in the green meadows. And it will be the day of the cattle market: a stop will be proposed for a visit of it. Then in the afternoon, the tour will pass by Oyé, with its magnificent traditional Brionnais farms, witnesses of the richness of the region. But it is especially of all these splendid ways which you will benefit today until your stop of the evening at the mill of Vaux at the edge of Arconce: a bathe in this splendid small river with your horses is possible.

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Day 2
  • From Nochize to Martigny le Comte :

    Today, direction Martigny le Comte by the state forests, a hike all in freshness. Cécile, your guide, will tell you about "le tir à l'oiseau" and its legend. Then you will pass by Champlecy which is the birthplace of Mme d'Artagnan. It is a beautiful cultural stage with beautiful gallops between the hedges! What a pleasure!

Day 3
  • From Martigny le Comte to La Vineuse :

    The third day, a hike in the heart of Southern Burgundy, through the forests of Mme de La Guiche, place of the cavalcades of Mr d'Artagnan's hunts: a stop is planned at her splendid castle for the picnic and for a visit of the stables, almost royal, which could only accommodate 99 horses, 100 being the privilege of the king! It is Mme de la Guiche herself who will make this very private visit where the king accompanied by his musketeers made several stops. A privileged moment of sharing a magnificent site! Then a stage, also magnificent, in a lodging hung on the top of a hill.

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Day 4
  • From La Vineuse to Montmelard :

    Today, we have to leave the Cluny landscape and go back to the green Charolais countryside, with a picnic on the heights of the Butte de Suin. Then passing by the Mont Saint Cyr, the hike will end in Montmelard, a small village of 350 inhabitants.

Day 5
  • From Montmelard to Saint Laurent en Brionnais : 

    Unfortunately, we have to go back, but the road back will console you: by hills and valleys, you will enjoy the magnificent landscapes of this so rich Burgundy! Then you will reach the castle of Drée, the little Versailles! Riders will be able to visit the gardens before returning to Cécile's equestrian farm.

Useful information

D'ARTAGNAN, warrior and womanizer in the service of the king, it is in Saône et Loire that he found his only legitimate wife native of Champlecy, she spent her pregnancy in the castle of La Clayette, she died of tuberculosis as well as her boy (only recognized child) in St Croix still in Saône et Loire but on the Bresse side where we can find their tomb. This loop of d'Artagnan is part of the European route of d'Artagnan. We will gallop in the footsteps of this king's waiter who loved hunting, war and women.

The cavalry: most of the horses are born on the farm from Connemara, Spanish or trotter dams and Canadian Paint sires in the first generation, then purebred Arabians in the second generation. The third sire is again a paint 50% quater-horse, so these are "carrier" horses that also work in clubs in all disciplines.

Cécile has been a guide for more than 30 years, living in Burgundy since 1989. Cécile has always practiced this profession with other professionals from the Cathar countries to Provence until she settled in Saint Laurent en Brionnais. Cécile is keen on the rurality of her business and sharing her freedom.

Stewardship: a steward will meet you at noon and evening with a table, benches, a barbecue, a fridge.....a little comfort at the bend of the road! Your luggage is transported in vehicles.

The horse's equipment: Each horse is equipped with a comfortable leather saddle with a thermo-moldable rug with net saddlebags and a rope halter with its lead rope. We accept riders up to 130kg (after consultation). You can however bring a saddle blanket, stirrups and stirrup leathers.

The essentials to bring by your care: the gourd or bottle, sun cream, rain gear (no cape that flies awning), comforter if you arrive the day before to sleep at the lodge, pocket knife, flashlight.

Medium - Advanced (stages of about 25-30 kilometers per day).

  • Master the basics of riding (walk, trot, gallop).
  • Be at ease in taking care of your horse (grooming, saddling, unsaddling, tying up...).
  • To have already practiced outdoor riding (horseback riding).
  • For a good cohesion of the group it is desirable to have already practiced the 3 paces in outside.

Give us some details about your level of practice and don't hesitate to tell us your wishes when you register!

Accommodation in guest houses, hotels and gites.

Equestrian farm in the village of Saint Laurent en Brionnais.

Access by car : 26 route de vauban 71800 Saint Laurent en Brionnais

Access by train via Paris : TGV get off at Montchanin - Le Creusot then shuttle bus to Paray le Monial at 23km where the organizer of the hike will pick you up. Access by TER to Moulin or Roanne then shuttle bus to Paray le Monial at 23km where the hike organizer will pick you up. Access by train via Lyon : train to La Clayette (7km from the riding center) where the organizer will pick you up.

699 € per person depending on the accommodation chosen.

These rates include :

  • The equipped horse.
  • The guide.
  • The stewardship for the transport of the luggage and your possible purchases.
  • All meals from the picnic on the first day of the trip to the picnic on the last day.
  • Drinks at noon.
  • Wine tasting and possible visits.

These rates do not include :

  • Drinks and personal expenses outside of meals.
  • Lodging the day before and the last day of the hike.
    Transportation to and from the starting point of the hike.
  • Insurance, including cancellation and interruption insurance and repatriation insurance

June 18 to 22, 2022

From 13 to 17 July 2022

August 27 to 31, 2022

Other programs are available on the following dates:

May 6-8, 2022 (3 days)

October 14-16, 2022 (3 days)

April 15-18, 2022 (4 days)

May 26-29, 2022 (4 days)

August 4-7, 2022 (4 days)

Options disponibles

  • Cancellation and interruption insurance
  • An extra night in a bed and breakfast with half board on the last day of the trip
  • Return transfer LaClayette - Saint Laurent enBrionnais