The donkey carrying dreams. A dream of nature : the donkey guides you on the most beautiful trails in southern Burgundy. Dream of disconnection : a regular, calm rhythm, we can then "slow down", reconnect with nature, take our time. Dream of an adventure together : recreate strong ties with family or friends. Dream of meetings : The donkey is the key that opens the doors of the locals, the donkey is the key to your vacation !

Hiking with a donkey in Burgundy.

There are two types of donkey trekking users, the unconditional ones, who have already lived one or more stays with a donkey and who will never walk without their long-eared companion again. And there are those who ask questions, who really want to but who still have doubts about the benefit of such an adventure.

If you are passionate about donkeys, and this is understandable, you will seek the company of a cuddly, sweet and intelligent animal.

If you hike in a group or with your family, you will find a weighty ally that will relieve you of your luggage and allow the little one to rest when they are too tired.

The vacation with a donkey is also a good way to reconnect with hiking, it is a good funnel and a source of motivation for children.

Is the donkey a good hiker?

At “Bougres d'ânes”, we choose robust animals, capable of carrying your luggage (between 30 and 35 kilos depending on the size of the donkey), who love contact with humans because this is the essential element of a good hiking donkey, it will be very easy to create a bond of trust.

The educational work to transform young recruits into hiking professionals, allows to perfectly understand the personality of each donkey, his hiking skills.

So, we will know exactly how to choose the ideal travel companion based on several factors such as the group's formation, the presence of young children, the volume of luggage, or this is a first hike. It is important to note that donkey advances between 2.5 and 3.5 km / h, a rhythm that allows you to take your time, contemplate the landscape and decompress. So if you want a fast and very sporty walk: choose another hiking formula.

After the effort the comfort.

Hiking with a donkey is accessible to all walkers.

The average hike is around 13 km per day with the possibility of shortcuts.

Assistance during the stay is included.

You and your donkey will be greeted each evening by your hosts for a moment of relaxation and discussion around a good meal.