A horseback ride is above all about feeling free, the pleasure of walking at a walk, then the exhilaration of galloping, but it is also the intensity of the relationship that will be created with your travel partner.

Why a horseback ride? To reconnect with nature, to disconnect from everyday life and to discover a magnificent region, Burgundy.

Confirmed riders or amateur riders, you are welcome in Burgundy. With your faithful mount, explore the most beautiful landscapes and paths of Burgundy, through our selection of itineraries. The Brionnais and its green hills to the south-west or the Mâconnais and its vineyards to the south-east, open their many paths to you to set off on an adventure at your own pace.

After riding for several hours, you reach very different accommodations, some surrounded by nature, others full of stories that their owners will be happy to tell you. The landscapes crossed are very varied: you will discover unique and unspoiled places, small secluded villages steeped in history, but above all authentic nature. Each horseback ride is rich in emotions.

Combining pleasure and escape, in harmony with the horse and nature, these horseback trips are popular with all generations. The horse ride offers a breath of fresh air, timeless, to the rhythm of the horses' footsteps, calm and pleasant.

The days of hiking are rich in discoveries and learning and what joy to share such moments with your favorite animal, but also with the group of riders. Bonds are created over the days that will leave lasting memories.

Our horse treks are offered with full board, luggage transport included for light travel, with different options available, such as accommodation the day before or the last day of the trek.